Coats are an essential part of any wardrobe. Period, end of the story!!! Coats and jackets are everyday essentials and, in the pandemic, they become the last finishing touch that pulls together the entire outfit. Outwear is also great for elevating the entire feel to extra-chic or making it cool and pretty! Neutrals are important for starters but do not stop yourself if you laid your eyes on a vibrant and colorful coat or jacket. It’s incredible how quickly it changes and pumps up the wearer’s mood on a gloomy day!

In some of the regions, there is not much need for a long wool coat, but if you have a formal event you really don’t want to show up on a cold evening in a puffer jacket or freezing to death, a long coat will be the savior in your wardrobe. Not to mention there are a variety of fabrics that are used to create the most gorgeous long coats starting with wool, jacquard, tweed and finishing with silk. That coat will last for many years, especially if you go for the classic and elegant and timeless.

You will be the star of the show, there is something magical that happens while women stride in long coats. And no matter the color black, tan, grey, white, or bright hues. Nowadays coats have detachable faux fur collars for added glamour chic, allow yourself to experiment with accessories, have fun with it.

For a shorter, walker style wool coat selection is amazing and my personal preference for those is to wear them with jeans or long classic pants. If you 

are a fashion-conscious woman looking for a piece that will serve multiple ways, coats are a perfect addition that totally changes up your look.

There are so many designs of warm coats, there are faux fur coats, quilted, hooded and even coats with animal prints. Designers are taking full advantage of fabrics and creativity. I will continuously build my collection and my appreciation for well-fitted outerwear will never stop. During the spring and generally, while in quarantine, I notice that even if I wear sweatpants and sweatshirt with a pair of snickers, just putting on my long fabulous coat while running errands makes me hold my head high. It just looks  so elegant  together. And when unpredictable weather hits, that cozy feeling we all crave for and can be created by bundling up in a fabulous wool coat. Designs, patterns of coats . . .choose depending on whether you wish to look casual or glamorous. Explore your options, decide on the piece that worth your investment, avoid fast fashion. Choose something worthy and well made. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are guaranteed to collect compliments right and left while wearing statement worth outwear. Some of my personal favorites I have for over 10 years in my wardrobe. I make sure to take care of them, dry clean them and I will continually update my collection.

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