Receiving a wedding invitation is exciting but what is not exciting is deciding what to wear to it. Now the good thing is weddings nowadays have fewer fashion rules and that makes things easier but that does not mean you can wear your white lace gown dress to just any wedding.

Some weddings have dress codes and we get it- figuring out the difference between black tie, white tie, black tie optional, beach formal- it is all very confusing. But do not worry- we are giving you the full guidance on what to wear and what not to wear to maintain the dress code and before that we would like to mention some rules you should follow to all weddings.

The most important- NEVER wear white to any wedding ceremony- even if it is an engagement, shower, or rehearsal dinner ( unless, of course, the invitation specifies to do so).

Next, if you know that the ceremony will be held in a place of worship, it’s better to cover up a bit with a coat and keep the hemline of the dress longer, and guys- do not wear shorts.

When in doubt, go by the classic fashion motto: It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest?

What to Wear to a White Tie Wedding

White tie is the most formal dress code for any event, sometimes called “full attire.”

Most white tie events are in the evening, packed with floor-length gowns and dark tuxedos. Women should stick to a full-length formal gown in black or a jewel tone that isn’t too bright and avoid cocktail or tea-length dresses. A full face of makeup, hair updo, and the best jewelry is the way to go.

Men Should be wearing a tuxedo with a long tailcoat over a white shirt and vest, and a white bow tie along with black formal shoes. Remember to clean shave or well-groom your facial hair. White dancing gloves and a pocket square are optional extras if you’re feeling very fancy.

What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest?

What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

Black tie is more common than white tie but it still is a highly formal wedding dress code that is typically called upon for evening weddings.

For female guests, it requires a formal, floor-length gown. However, you may be able to get away with a sophisticated cocktail dress or a formal jumpsuit. Just be sure to double-check with the bride or someone in the bridal party beforehand to ensure you don’t appear underdressed.

 Gentlemen, stick with the basics –  a white or black tuxedo and white shirt with black bow tie alongside black leather shoes. You could also wear a  cummerbund.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Optional Wedding

“Black tie optional” is understandably confusing.

It is more of a less formal version of black tie, and a dress code that mostly refers to what men should wear- a tuxedo or suit is allowed here—versus black tie, which means all men should wear tuxedos along with a vest, pocket square, or tie clip.

Women Should Wear a floor-length dress ( maybe a lace gown dress) or cocktail-length dress.

What to Wear to a “Cocktail Attire” Wedding

Cocktail attire is still fancy, but more fun than it is formal or buttoned-up. It is especially common for evening weddings that do not include a formal, sit-down meal. NO formal clothing and you can have fun with your outfits.

Women should wear a cocktail dress (traditionally knee-length, today anything shorter than an evening dress is acceptable), a blouse and skirt combination, or a smart pant look with an elegant blouse.

Men should wear a  light or dark suit, depending on the season. A  tie is not compulsory although they’re always a nice touch, but add some personality with a colored or printed shirt and refined accessories.

What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest?

What to Wear to a Beach Formal Wedding

Just because it’s a beach wedding doesn’t mean you can wear flip flops (Go wedges!).

Beach weddings require more casual attire. A flowing floral maxi dress, a knee-length sundress, or a summery tea dress paired with flat sandals will make you look gorgeous.

Try to look out for relaxed cuts, light flowing fabrics, and summery colors and prints like a floral print silk blouse. As it can be windy at the beach, maxi dresses are often more appropriate than short dresses. Just keep in mind- no stilettos!

Men can wear linen or seersucker suits or a lightweight blazer with a shirt, linen pants, or chinos with light brown shoes.

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding (or Wedding-Related Event)

Many relaxed, outdoor ceremonies and receptions call for casual attire.

The dress code, which is the most informal of all wedding dress codes, allows you to wear something comfortable. However, that doesn’t mean you can wear jeans, ripped anything, or inappropriately short hems!

Instead, women can opt for a sundress in a casual fabric, jumpsuit, relaxed maxi dress, or skirt and floral print silk blouse pairing. Playful accessories. natural hair and makeup are perfectly appropriate. And When it comes to your feet, keep things laidback by swapping your usual stilettos for dressy sandals or low wedges.

Men should opt for khakis rather than denim, paired with a long or short-sleeve button-down shirt or pique polo. If you choose shorts, make them chinos and pair with a crisp shirt.

End Words

Although in today’s date, no one can tell you what to wear, everyone wants their special day to be perfect and it’s our responsibility to take care of their special days, even if it involves a little dressing up.

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