It is always necessary to have a change in style here and there but the classic show of elegance is always the way to go, a forever style statement. Whether you are in a lace gown dress carrying an embellished tote bag, the way you carry yourself-with grace and poise, now that is the way to express and impress!

Some people are simply born with elegance while some need to work the way up and to be honest, anyone can be confident and classy easily if they want. This is just a simple guide to help you out on your journey – from choosing clothing pieces to their materials.

How to Dress Effortlessly Elegant


The easiest way to look elegant is wearing simple accessories everyday.

They get you on the path for a more sophisticated look. This category includes earrings (small gold or silver hoops and pearl or diamond studs are your reliable option), necklace with long simple pendants, maybe an embellished tote bag or an embellished clutch bag.

You can also try rings, better if they’re thin band, diamond or heirloom rings. A simple tennis bracelet does wonders to your look and scarves… Ah, a bright

scarf with an interesting pattern gets the job done!

Use Your Personal Style To Dress Classy

Dressing elegantly isn’t that difficult when you know what you want. It will take some time for your style to blend in with the sophisticated style, but you will not believe your eyes when you realise how some simple pieces from your closet can turn into fabulous outfits by pairing them with the right elements.

You can be wearing a simple summer maxi dress but in a pattern that screams personality. It won’t cause any major difference but would add to the look and help the way you carry yourself in it.

How to Dress Effortlessly Elegant

Fabric Matters!

Wear clothing made of timeless materials like cotton, wool, silk or linen.

When clean and ironed, clothes made out of these are already game. A simple floral print silk blouse or heavy cotton made trench coats, all work great to elevate your look.

Cashmere wool made cardigans, v-necks or turtlenecks, all pair smoothly with some well tailored pants or skirt. Endless classic options with these classic materials.

Fit Is Important As Well

Dressing elegantly includes wearing clothes that form fit and excludes wearing too tight or too loose clothes.

Blouses, sweaters and blazers should follow your waist curve and skirts should be just above or below your knees. Don’t be afraid to get that lace gown dress tailored by a professional dressmaker, trust us, it would look fabulous on you.

How to Dress Effortlessly Elegant

Some More Tips And Tricks To Up Your Elegance Game-

  • When in doubt, wear solid neutral colors!
  • Do not overexpose
  • Look for classic pieces
  • Over Coats rule! So add one to your closet ASAP!
  • A black dress is a necessity!
  • Less is more

End Words

Elegance is more of a mindset and a long work process.

You need to work on it till you make it. But it is not only about how you dress, but also about your attitude and manners. The more you practice to serve an elegant look, the easier it becomes. Remember when you put the effort into looking and feeling your best, everyone will notice.

Estela Rosso is always there to help in your journey to elegance with our unique clothing and accessories. You can view our pieces online or connect with us through the contact us section in the website. At Estela Rosso, we care a great deal about you looking the best.