How to Dress Effortlessly Elegant

It is always necessary to have a change in style here and there but the classic show of elegance is always the way to go, a forever style statement. Whether you are in a lace gown dress carrying an embellished tote bag, the way you carry yourself-with grace and poise, now that is the way to express and impress! Some people are simply born with elegance while some need to work the way up and to be honest, anyone can be confident and classy easily if they want. This is just a simple guide [...]

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What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest?

Receiving a wedding invitation is exciting but what is not exciting is deciding what to wear to it. Now the good thing is weddings nowadays have fewer fashion rules and that makes things easier but that does not mean you can wear your white lace gown dress to just any wedding. Some weddings have dress codes and we get it- figuring out the difference between black tie, white tie, black tie optional, beach formal- it is all very confusing. But do not worry- we are giving you the full guidance on what to wear [...]

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