Steluta Kozlov

Fashion Designer

The Designer 

Steluta Kozlov ‘s interest in fashion began at an early age: born in Rumania. But just when she moved to Spain-Madrid, she inspired her sense of freedom and creativity while designing for selective clients. Discovered by the Marie Claire director, she started colaboración with the magazine and became a loyal tailor-made for famous people.Artists like Naomi Campbell, Winona Ryder, Paz Vega, Olivia Palermo, or Carolina Herrera (daughter) knows the comfort of wearing a suit/dress that fits. 

The Philosophy

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, intelligence meets style in a harmonious blend. Fashion is not merely about the outer appearance; it’s an expression of one’s inner creativity, confidence, and intellect. It’s about making thoughtful choices, embracing sustainable practices, and celebrating individuality. A smart approach to fashion goes beyond following trends; it involves curating a wardrobe that reflects personal values and tells a unique story. Smart fashion embraces timeless pieces, versatile styles, and innovative designs that withstand the test of time. It’s about investing in quality garments that not only make a statement but also stand as a testament to conscious consumerism. So, let your fashion choices be a testament to your intellect, as you navigate the world of style with a smart and discerning eye.

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